What we do?

We articulate cooperation networks for the construction of social technology aimed at innovative solutions to local socio-environmental problems, oriented to the integrated development of the territory.

We concentrated our work in the Juruá valley, state of Acre, and our work is distributed in 3 strategic lines, described in the graphic to the side.

Strategic Lines

Local Development

We build network solutions for real problems that affect local communities, combining scientific and traditional knowledge.

We work in the development of social technologies focused on local reality, especially with traditional peoples and communities, oriented to the integrated development of the territory and to the areas of public policies, local economy and rights.

Our main objective is to increase the autonomy of local communities (indigenous peoples and traditional communities) with a focus on sustainable development and innovation.

Social and Environmental Rights

We work with structuring actions aimed at strengthening public policies and guaranteeing rights for indigenous peoples and traditional communities. We focus on promoting social participation in decision-making spaces, as well as on institutional arrangements in socio-environmental governance. We support community processes aimed at the right to land, association and cooperativism, and the right to cultural expression.

Learning for Autonomy

We develop learning and advisory processes for community institutions, groups and local groups that seek to strengthen their work in the areas of rights, public policies, and innovation for local sustainable development; with a focus on institutional and community autonomy.