What We Are

We are a private, nonprofit association that provides research and consulting services of public interest in the areas of social and environmental justice, sustainable production, environment and public policies in the Amazon region.

We work on a local and state level, networked with local governments, peoples and traditional populations and universities to establish connections for socially just and environmentally correct projects towards sustainable development.

Our work is based on the following objectives of sustainable development


Construction of cooperation networks between local groups, institutions and communities towards the construction of shared solutions to local problems related to social and environmental issues


Connect networks and create local solutions for socio-environmental and economic problems, through field research, collective construction, definition of social technology strategies built on a permanent dialogue between concepts and academic theories and traditional knowledge. dissemination of local knowledge on strategic issues in the areas of social and environmental justice for traditional Amazonian communities, the environment and public policies of the Amazon.


Socio-environmental equity, gender equity, sustainable use of natural resources, local solutions, social technologies, local networks